Halloween Hysteria Pilot

Halloween Hysteria tells the thrilling story of Jada and her friends as they try to balance their education with their social life during the Halloween season.

Jada is a bright and ambitious student, but she's struggling to keep up with her coursework and her extracurricular activities. She is also excited for the upcoming Halloween party, but she knows that she needs to study for her exams.

Jada's friends, Miranda, Zay, Tim, Oliver, Truman, Keshon, and Alex, are also struggling to balance their academic and social lives. Miranda is a talented artist, loves to party, but she worries about falling behind in her classes. Zay is gifted, but he is also trying to maintain a balance. Tim is a funny and outgoing guy, but he's struggling with many personal problems. Oliver is a kind but always dealing with health issues. Truman is quiet and thoughtful, but he is also feeling overwhelmed by his workload. Keshon is strong and independent but he struggles to find his place in the world. Alex, is a mysterious and enigmatic figure who is also hiding a secret.

On the night of the party, Jada and her friends must confront their fears and demons, both literal and figurative. They must also learn to support each other and to find the balance that works best for them.

Halloween Hysteria is a timely and relevant film that explores the challenges that students face in today's world. It is also a hopeful film that shows that it is possible to find balance and to achieve success in both your academic and social life.

  • Halloween Hysteria (Pilot)


    On a busy Halloween night, Jada has a particularly difficult decision to make. Her friends have invited her to a party. Jada knows that she can't multitask her way through this one. She needs to either focus on her education or her social life. Little does she know things take a thrilling turn wh...